SAAS Diensten Colocatie Datacenter Maatwerk Klant Tuxis facilitates companies when delivering ICT services, applications, cloud services and hosting from the data center. We make sure that your infrastructure is solid en well designed to deliver high availability solutions. We use the following techniques and products to build your infrastructure:
  • Private clusters for virtualization, application hosting, website hosting, storage and databases, distributed over multiple data centers.
  • Mail servers so your mail is secure and private. Maintained by you or as a cloud service.
  • Virtual servers in all sizes on our own multi site SSD platform.
  • Virtual PBX-es. Maintained by you or as a cloud service
  • Additional services like:
    • S3 and Swift compatible storage
    • DNS hosting and management
    • CDN with image and script optimization
    • Domain name registration
    • Diskbay Online (NAS in the data center)

You may combine your own services and facilities with our out-of-the-box solutions. This way you get exactly the products that you need to build a solid infrastructure. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services.

You may use our solutions on your own infrastructure. This way you might just start with some of our cloud services and, when it becomes cost efficient, start using the services on your own infrastructure. Safe, fast, flexible en scalable. You are in control.

We are an ISP that does not get nervous when you need more. More storage, traffic, redundancy. Our solutions are scalable.

When you focus on costs, the quality goes down.
     That's why we focus on quality so your costs will go down.

A typical Tuxis customer

Tuxis customers are mainly one of the following:

  1. ICT companies
  2. Companies with their own system engineer or ICT department

Tuxis delivers her services from within four data centers. Three are from BIT in Ede and one from Dataplace in Arnhem (25 Km from Ede. both in the Netherlands). Our customers use our high end internet services like colocation, web hosting, e-mail, telephony, back-up, (private)cloud solutions and clusters for storage, databases or web hosting. Especially customers that have high capacity wishes are well served.

The best facilities and still save money

Thanks to our economies of scale in the data centers combined with our own connectivity, we are able to locate your servers in the best data centers for attractive rates. Monitoring an infrastructure 24x7 is what we do. A 24x7 SLA is not a costly business at Tuxis. We even have an SLA in which we monitor if your application is still running.

If possible we use commodity hardware. Our solutions are build in such a way that software defines the availability and a failure of disk, server or even failure of an entire data center might not make your services unavailable.

By using proven software like ProxMox, Galera, MySQL, Gluster and others, your budget will not be drawn by high licensing costs and complex licensing schemes or out of the blue limits. Expansion of the capacity means usually adding more hardware.

When you need more information or advice, please contact us. We are willing to help you to build a solid solution.